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R.A.W. Fitness Workout package options...

THE NATURE SHOT  ( Then and Now...)

I  have always loved working out in the great outdoors.  Ever since I was a young boy, I would spend hours outside with friends; exploring, playing, and participating in any sport available to us at the time.  sometimes we even made up our own games!  well that lifestyle never changed for me very much.  playing games just became working out, while always keeping it fun! Whether with a friend or going solo, outdoor fitness will always be an essential part of my life.  There you have it...
The inspiration which lead to the founding of  R.A.W. FITNESS (est. 2009)

NATURE SHOT - Package options...

Package of 12 - $780 /  package of 6  - $420

All sessions run about an hour in duration.  The hour includes a warm- up,
 cool-down, and light stretch.

I have a variety of beautiful sites to choose from in and around the Sunset / Parkside areas.   Whether you're swinging a kettle bell at McCoppin Square, or doing bench dips at the Sunset Reservoir, you're always  guaranteed a solid full body workout each and every time!  

  "In all things of nature, there is something of the marvelous."
~ Aristotle

 *All plans are offered in a limited area.  *All prices are subject to change. 
 *Some restrictions may apply.  *cash or check only.
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