" Joe is a wonderful trainer.  I would recommend him to anyone who wants to feel great, get stronger, and see results!" ~ Aly C.
What people say...... 
"Joe is great!  He is enthusiastic, timely and fun.  We meet in the great outdoors twice a week.  Whether we're at Land's End, Ocean beach or the Polo field, the time passes before I know it.  Since the workout is tailored to my needs and goals, I always leave invigorated!" ~ Anne O.
"I had the opportunity to work out with Joe in San Francisco.  As a professional opera singer, I needed to work on my core and strength training to prepare for an upcoming role.  Joe is an amazing motivator who helps to bring out your inner athlete" ~ Christina L.
"Joe's non-judgemental style of training, flexible hours, and thorough workout sessions have helped me maintain a lifestyle of health and fitness, despite my hectic schedule." ~ Michael C.
"RAW (Random Anywhere Workouts) is awesome.  It's ass kicking but not in a boot camp mode. I look forward to my bi-weekly diverse sessions.  Always a surprise." ~ Judy L.
"Joe is a wonderful trainer!  He motivates me to do what I wouldn't do on my own...like holding planks for over a minute..whew!  I also love that his workouts are outdoors, in parks or near the ocean.  Thanks Joe for helping me make fitness a priority in my life! ~ Aly C.