"A  beautiful day...a buddy... 
  and a ball... who says that
  fitness can't be fun?" - J.T.
R.A.W. Fitness Packages and Specials...
All regular R.A.W. workout plans are offered as 3 session, 6 session, and 12 session package deals.  Gift certificates are available.
This special is a great way to spend quality time with a friend, get in a great workout and save money!  Bring a buddy to join in on your session at only $20 per  N.S.Lev.1 session  or  $30 per N.S.Lev.2 session!  It's a win-win deal! 
You will save time and money with this 30/30 deal!! This is a fast and efficient full-body resistance/cardio workout which utilizes all of the major muscle groups in a fast paced circuit routine.  Getting the equivilent of this 30 minute workout at a gym would take at least an hour.  At only 30 bucks*, you can't go wrong with this deal!

All current clients who have purchased at least one 12 pack will receive a complimentary session on the week of their birthday!            
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      *Prices are subject to change, All  R.A.W. sessions are offered in a limited area and some restrictions do apply. 
Amanda, having met her wedding day goal, poses for a photo with workout buddy Aly...