"A  beautiful day...a buddy... 
  and a ball... who says that
  fitness can't be fun?" - J.T.


R.A.W. FAST-BLASTS  -  $45 per session* (pay as you go) 
This workout is 30 minutes of high intensity circuit training and not recommended for beginners. This is a fast and efficient full-body resistance/cardio workout which utilizes all of the major muscle groups in a rapidly paced circuit routine.  Getting the equivalent of this 30 minute workout while at a gym could easily take at least an hour. 
The 30 minutes include a brief warm-up, cool-down, and stretch.
At only 45 bucks*,  you can't go wrong with this deal! 
4 packs available at $170*

New Client Special - $100**
Includes the following...

- RAW Q&A (In person)
- One Fast-Blast / assessment session
- JT's nutrition tips
​- Personalized workout recommendations

Have a friend drop in on one of your sessions for only $30*
Signed waivers and trainer approval required.

*cash only **one time purchase  
~all prices and deals subject to change~

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