"Your friendly neighborhood 
trainer is at your service!" - J.T.
            N.F.P.T. (CPT)
      Mother Nature's      Medicine

   Sure, regular exercise and a 
    healthy diet will help you fit
    into those jeans and boost
     your confidence, but they
     have also been proven to

   Obesity, Depression, Anxiety,
    High cholesterol, Arthritis,
                Stress, CVD
            and much more!

A bit about J.T.'s R.A.W. (Random Anywhere Workouts)Fitness...

I am an independent personal trainer working in and around the Sunset district in San Francisco.  My speciality is one on one outdoor training.  Although I'm not your atypical pushy and loud bootcamp style trainer, my workouts do not lack intensity.  I just prefer to take a more functional approach and let your "muscles" do the screaming.  While meeting at various sites in and around the Parkside/Outer Sunset, you will find my routines to be affordable, fun, and effective! 

Whether you are just looking to break away from a sedentary lifestyle or need help training for a marathon, I offer a variety of workout methodologies and do so at various levels in order to best suit your individual needs.  

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I look forward to helping 
you  fulfill all of your
fitness goals!
                                - JT